We’re parents and grandparents.  

Responsibility for the environment in which future generations live, work and play in is already our mandate.

Our collective experience means we’ve seen the good, the bad and the downright dreadful in the building industry, and the organisations that derive it.

We’re looking to make a change:

A change in the current model – that needs to deliver so much more, but struggles to adapt.  

A change in the resource and supply chain to facilitate growth in capacity by better utilising current resources, while actively promoting development and education.

A change in the method by which buildings are built, to combine fragmented and multi-layered knowledge and skill sets in a non-combative framework that promotes the sharing of learnings and innovation.

A change in the experience for the end user – be they homeowner or citizen that acknowledges their vital role in determining the quality of the process and the end result:  Continuous dialogue throughout the understanding, creating and ownership of the environments that shape lives is vital.

A change in the business of building.  

We take global (and made in NZ) ‘smarts’ to reduce time, cost and process uncertainty to create sustainable communities and a healthy environment.  

Our measurables extend beyond the commercial, and into the social and environmental outcomes that make our built environment better.  A percentage of our work is ‘For Profit and For Good’ to ensure we make a difference, and leave a beneficial legacy.