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The 2V60

Think the V60, but double

The 2V60 makes use of an efficient 60m2 footprint, which is perfect for a minor dwelling, but creates comfortable family living over two-storeys.

Prefabricated SIPS house

About the 2V60

When your site is tight, but you still need a livable family home, this efficient two storey house is a great solution.
Here is all that you need for warm, dry family living, with the ability to add custom features as taste and budget allows. 

  • 60m2 footprint size

  • 120m2 of floorplan

  • 2x Level access Bathrooms

  • 4x Bedrooms 

  • Full galley Kitchen

  • Generous Open plan living & dining area with corner sliding doors onto a deck/patio

  • Generous stair gallery is a flexible multi-use space

  • Add decking, patios, pergolas or garaging/carport for extra indoor-outdoor flow.

Our homes are well insulated and airtight.  They can be built on top of a concrete slab (insulated) or suspended floor (on piles) - you decide. 


Take the base building and add custom features as required:-

Outdoor - decks or patios, pergolas; 
Parking - garaging, carport or storage;
Roof decks above = additional outdoor living space;
Solar shading or louvres to suit the orientation.


Living and sleeping floors can be ‘flipped upside down’, to suit all locations and views,and our layout ensures there is always ground floor bedroom and bathroom accommodation for all ages and stages (Universal Design).

Cabinetry can be custom built between rooms to cater for variable space requirements.

Get in touch with us to receive a brochure and find out more about the 2V60.

2v60 Prefabricated SIPS Floor Plan Blueprint

Living Floor Plan

2v60 Prefabricated SIPS Floor Plan Blueprint

Bedroom Floor Plan

Popular Cladding Combinations

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