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Loft Space architecture for children to play

Our Why 

Why we do what we do?

Housing Matters

Housing Matters

We are at a critical junction. There is no ‘Planet B’.

Our rush to produce and consume more, creates low quality housing, poor outcomes and a legacy of repair for future generations.   

We have to build better and smarter, with less waste and harm to the environment.


At Vitruvion we make sustainable

high performance housing easy.

We make to last; do less with more; and reach beyond the up front capital investment and into our children’s future.

Our Values

We're looking to make a change

A change in the current model of how we build, procure and design our homes.

A change that delivers smarter, faster, better buildings, with proven durable performance and less waste.

Company Values
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Your home should be strong, safe, warm and dry. Built and detailed to last. We start with “good bones” – a High-performance SIP structure around which proven materials and construction can reflect your personal aesthetic.

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Time is money, and in construction, uncertainty around cost and time = stress. When architecture is added in to this mix, the risks can escalate quickly. This is why Quality Assurance (QA) and our specialist teams allow us to provide surety around time and cost for all our clients. 

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We believe Architectural design should be affordable and building performance shouldn’t cost a premium. Our end-to-end QA processes allow us to manage client expectations through design and fabrication to ensure clearly defined cost outcomes.

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You are an essential part of the team throughout design and fabrication. It’s your home, and so it is crucial we keep you up to date on our progress and processes, so there are ‘no surprises’.

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Best Practice

Learning should never stop. While we will never profess to be the expert in the room, we partner with Industry leaders, and experts in their chosen field to continually drive improvement across our design and build teams.

‘Think Global Act local’ has never been more important than now. We take our environmental responsibility seriously – construction is a significant contributor to landfill waste and emissions.  We focus on building smarter, better and more efficiently. 

Architectural modern family home

“This morning, we went outside and the car was covered in ice. We literally had no idea how cold it was outside; you wouldn’t have known being inside, it was warm and cosy... and we weren’t even running a heater. A far cry from our old house where we would have been swimming in moisture dripping off the walls. Thank you so much!”


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