About us

Vitruvion is a collaborative community.

A passionate mix of motivated team members and industry partners who come together to share knowledge and experience.

From the lessons of the past come the learnings for the future

In Classical times Master Builders were tasked with the important role of overseeing the design and construction of significant buildings.

They were Polymaths - both generalists and specialists, knowledgeable in matters of design, science, art and engineering, nature and mathematics.


Leonardo da Vinci is perhaps the most celebrated Polymath known. His famous illustration timelessly celebrates the relationship between human proportions and (architectural) design.

Where does the name 'Vitruvion' come from?

Vitruvius - a Roman author, architect, engineer, and military man.

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, (1st century BC) was the author of the celebrated De architectura (On Architecture), a handbook for Roman architects. De architectura is divided into 10 books.


His discussion of perfect proportion in architecture and the human body led to the famous Renaissance drawing by Leonardo da Vinci of Vitruvian Man.


He invented the idea that all buildings should have three attributes: firmitas, utilitas, and venustas, meaning: strength (firm), utility, and beauty.

So in a nutshell - Vitruvion is a new take on the old.

We take the learnings from the past to inform our decisions for the future.

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Meet the Team

Tonia BnW.jpg

Tonia Williams

Founding Designer + Maker

Matt Chernishov BnW.jpg

Matt Chernishov

Project Management + Liaison

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Joinery Wizard + Maker

Zander BnW.jpg

Alexendre De Reuck

BIM + Visualist + Graphics

Peter White BnW.jpg

Peter White

Estimation + Quality & Cost Control

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Site + QA Lead

Cara BnW.jpg

Cara Webster

Technical + Design + IT

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Stephen Payne

Cost + Compliance + Financials

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Site + Process Management 



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Our office location is located at 

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Based in Auckland, we love working throughout New Zealand