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Prefabrication Drawing

We merge sustainable factory processes 
with prefabrication and performance

Prefabrication is a mindset - not just a process

What we do

We design, fabricate and build airtight, super-insulated, performance homes using locally-sourced renewable materials paired with the best international construction products. 


We optimise the performance and energy efficiency of your home making it healthy and comfortable year-round regardless of the climate and location.


Our expertise is under one roof - merging construction, prefabrication and architecture to reverse-engineer the end product.  We take International Best Practice and make it New Zealand Specific - balancing Fitness for Purpose against environmental, financial and social sustainability.











What we do
How we do it

How we do it

Our continually improving processes create repeatable efficiencies that can then be customised to suit.  

We know that every project and site is unique, our teams continually review, refine and improve tried and tested systems to tailor a 'Best Fit’ solution for you.

We are committed to generating value throughout;

For you as our customer through the process of working with us.

For our teams involved across the design / planning & execution of all projects. 

Vitruvion construction process, add value, reduced waste

Nuts and Bolts

Prioritising the Building Enclosure

Proven systems creating Performance

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) provide a simple, accurate and proven solution to escalating material costs and scarcity, skilled labour shortages and increasing energy codes

SIPs Structural insulated panel construction
Off site manufacturing, prefabrication, modular

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

Prefabricated elements

working together

We combine SIPs with other prefabricated systems to create Performance buildings with a systemised approach.

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