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Custom Range

Your site - You choose

These are our architecturally designed micro houses. With three footprint sizes  from 35m2 to 65m2.

There's a smart smart SIPs home for you.

Prefabricated SIPS Custom Tiny House

How it works

These Micro-homes have all that you need for warm, dry family living, with the ability to add custom features as taste and budget allows. 
Our homes are well insulated and airtight.  They can be built on top of a concrete slab (insulated) or suspended floor (on piles) - you decide. 

Take the base building and add custom features as required:

1. Choose footprint size


The building footprint is the outside perimeter of a building. There are three footprint sizes available:

35m2 (2 people)

55m2 (3-4 people)

65m2 (4 people)

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Choose your home footprint

2. Choose roof shape


There are three roof shapes available:





blue blueprint background-01.png
Choose your roof shape

3. Choose extras and add-ons


Depending on how you like to live, and to suit your site, there are add-ons for your building:





blue blueprint background-01.png
Choose Add ons, garage, decking

4. Choose cladding and finishes 


We have a range of cladding options to choose from, our favourites include:

Vertical timber cladding

Dark metal cladding

+ Many more options

blue blueprint background-01.png
Choose Cladding and Finishes

Get in touch with us to receive a brochure and talk to us about your ideas for your home.

Custom Modular Home to your taste

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Custom Range - Cladding Options

Custom Range - Interior Walk Through

Popular Cladding Options

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