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Our Design Ranges

We have done the thinking for you.

We provide what the market doesn't offer; a range of modern performance homes that are variable, adaptable and customisable. 

Each one has a different style, but what they all share is clever use of space and light. 

Architecturally-designed and built to last; expect large windows, high ceilings, and modern, open-plan spaces. Start with a ‘base module’ and add to this over time. These homes can adapt and change as your life does, giving you just what you need now and in the future.

Modern House Design Structural Insulated Panels

Pre-designed and pre-engineered architectural homes with sizes from 10m2 to 190m2.

custom modular eco friendly building

Modular buildings to suit your site. Customise the shape, cladding and colour as you like.

Our Projects

Happy clients and their homes

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