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The V10

Good things come in small packages

The smallest in our Standard Design Range, perfect for many uses including a sleep out, office and studio.

Prefabricated Tiny House 10m2

About the V10

Our most compact module is designed as a high-performance stand-alone space.  Small and smart - it is fully wired with low voltage LED lighting + Cat5 cabling within our airtight envelope, coupled with durable quality finishes inside and out.

  • 10m2

  • Does not require building consent 

  • Perfect for a sleepout, office, home studio, bach and so much more

  • Equipped for office/entertainment use with pre-installed cabling

  • Built-in adaptable joinery can supplement your own styling for use by day and/or night

Get in touch with us to receive a brochure and find out more about the V10.

V10 Prefabricated SIPS Floor Plan Blueprint

Popular Cladding Combinations

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