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The V20

All you need for compact living

The smallest self contained unit in our Standard Design Range. It is pre-plumbed, pre-wired and transportable, making it perfect for guests, for sleeping, and as an office.

Prefabricated Tiny House 20m2

About the V20

Small and smart - it is fully wired with low voltage LED lighting and ventilation, within our airtight envelope.  Efficient space planning is coupled with durable quality finishes inside and out.

Sit this building on a trailer (tiny house) or connect it to foundations - removable, or permanent  (requires consent).

  • 20m2

  • Level access Bathroom

  • Bedroom (with Fold down bed option)

  • Kitchenette

Get in touch with us to receive a brochure and find out more about the V20.

V20 Prefabricated SIPS Floor Plan Blueprint

Popular Cladding Combinations

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