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Architecture SIPS house
Prefabricated SIPS house


We design & build for tomorrow

with the technology of today

Energy efficient

Climate resilient

Environmentally responsible

SIPs building prefabrication

We merge Off Site Manufacturing with
On Site efficiency

Prefabricated systems working together

We combine Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) with other manufactured systems to create High Performance buildings that are faster to build onsite, more durable, and cost less to run.



Warm, dry, durable and resistant to weather damage, pests, wind and even earthquakes!



Costs less to heat and cool. Low maintenance and longer lasting buildings.




Faster, accurate

onsite build time.



Flexible living spaces making clever use of volume and light.



SIPs buildings can save more than 50% power use of traditional builds.

Standardisation meets customisation

It starts with good bones

Our customisable buildings provide a high-performance Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) chassis which we can fine tune to suit you.


Your home should reflect you.

Your taste, your site, your budget. 
Without compromising performance.

Choose one of our designs, individualise for you and get to build and move in more quickly. 

A range of modern pre-fabricated buildings designed to fit your backyard.


Realise the value of the land asset you already own.


Provide for your family's future at home.

modular energy efficient home design

Pre-designed and pre-engineered architectural homes with sizes from 10m2 to 190m2.

modular energy efficient home design

Modular buildings to suit your site. Customise the shape, cladding and colour as you like.

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Family homes

Intergenerational family designs​

small - medium - large

Happy clients effecient home solution

What our Clients say about us

"Imagine a meeting with a designer where, instead of starting with a drawing, you started with a feeling. Imagine someone with a unique set of skills that could create an image out of your description of how your want your ideal home to feel."

Brooke & Maggie

"When we first approached Tonia we had a good idea of what we wanted; an efficient home with a small footprint to be achieved on a limited budget. Thanks to Tonia's creative genius, we have achieved more than we ever could have on our own."

Dani & Suzi

“We didn’t want Dad to be living in a cold damp box at the bottom of the garden, and now is he certainly is not.

The kids and I are quite jealous actually!”


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