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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Rear site infill housing - Performance chassis 2020

On this project we provided specialist impact to accelerate the build programme for the client’s contractor. Through winter, we installed 2 storey SIPs and structure, mid-floor steel beams and floor cassettes, and upper floor framing and rafters in readiness for the cladding and MIPs (metal insulated panel) roof.

Electrical coordination was undertaken, followed by wrap, battens and tape ahead of following trades - creating a warm, dry high-performance chassis over 6 short weeks. Following on from our work, the client’s sub-trades could follow and complete finishing works.


Location: Birkdale, Auckland - 7m above bush

Building Footprint: 74m²

Building Area: 145m²

Above: SIPS arriving to site on the back of a truck with HIAB crane

Above: Foam application to bottom plate & splines. Speed floor installed via truck HIAB

Above: Progress shots of building

Above: Difficult site?

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