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Northlanding - Mangōnui

A Home Among the Olives 2018

An olive grove, a river and a need to unplug from the city grid - all inspired our clients to create a new home and way of life in the winterless north.

Energy efficiency and eco-build featured highly on their wish list - as was treading lightly on the land. We selected the optimal location for what was to become The River House - always with the overall site masterplan in mind:- an off-grid Airbnb destination, hosting visitors in their un-plugged slice of Utopia duly named Northlanding.

The home is modest and efficient - capturing early morning sun across the river, and framing views of unspoilt scenery. ‘Naked SIPs’ are painted to celebrate the building’s materiality, and polished concrete floors accommodate the four legged family members with ease.


Building footprint: 78m²

Size: 100m², 2-bedroom split-level with loft

Foundation/floor: Fully insulated polished concrete

Windows: Double glazed powder-coated aluminium

Heating: Wood burner

Wastewater: On-site black water & grey water treatment

Freshwater: Filtered rainwater collected on site

COSTS (2018)

House, Garage, Solar & Drainage: $355,000

Above: Interior shots

Above: Section of the home showing loft and dropped living area.

Above: Floor plan view of the home.

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