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Artists Family Home - Torbay

Creatively affordable family home and studio 2021

This project is a wonderful showcase of what is achievable with creative thinking, invested clients and a willing partner design and build team.

Our clients approached us with a relatively well formed plan, and our role was to test it, refine it, and ‘SIP-ify’ it. SIPs were the material of choice - owing to their ability to create a blank canvas - which in this case was to be painted by the artist client and family.

Lower levels accommodate workshop, studio and undercroft, while the middle of the house contains an efficient 3 bedroom family home - expanding out onto sunny decking and private elevated aspect. The main kitchen / dining area is over-height - allowing for a dramatic raised ‘lantern’ roof and viewing loft with a direct line of sight to Rangitoto and the Gulf.


Building Footprint: 142m² + 65m² deck

Size: 232m². 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom, loft, studio office & workshops

Foundation/floor: Fully insulated plastic pod concrete slab

Cladding: Profiled sheet metal and thermally modified pine

Windows: Double glazed powder-coated aluminium

Heating: Passive solar

Water & wastewater: Mains connected with solar water heating

COSTS (2021)

House & undercroft: $680,000

Above: Concept views - black & white

Above: Rear views and corrugate 'cheeks'

Above: Not black and white - but colour!

Above: 'Naked SIPs', lantern & loft


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