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Rural Euro-style barn

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

A modern take on a country style 2019

Built as a Minor Housing Unit next to a young family’s home, this small yet spacious dwelling provides everything for downsized inter-generational living.

With vaulted ceilings and feature trusses, the 4m wide main living pavilion is joined to other pitched roof forms to mimic clusters of farm buildings on this rural property.

Additional exterior features have been added by the clients over time to nestle this small smart building into the landscape, and create indoor/outdoor living.


Building footprint: 141m²

Size: 60m² + SIPs workshop (32m²) & loft + kit set garage (49m²) Foundation/floor: Insulated waffle slab with warm edge Cladding: Rusticated cedar weatherboards & Profiled sheet metal roof

Windows: Double glazed powder-coated aluminium Heating: Passive solar Lighting: Low voltage LED throughout

Wastewater: On-site black & grey water treatment

Freshwater: Filtered rainwater

COSTS (2019)

Original budget: $500,000

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