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Minor Dwelling + Loft - Dairy Flat

Maximising space for a young family 2021

This Minor dwelling or Minor Housing Unit (MHU) creates a moderate family home by coupling a main dwelling with a SIPs double car garaging plus loft / storage space.

In close proximity to the extended family home, this independent semi off-grid home was achievable on family land, and utilises a high-performance envelope and efficient plan to create comfortable affordable family living.


Location: Dairy Flat, Auckland

Building Footprint: 125m²

Size: 180m², 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom + loft studio

Foundation/floor: Insulated waffle slab with warm edge

Cladding: Profiled sheet metal roof & walls + thermally modified pine

Windows: Thermally broken aluminium with laminated double glazing

Power & Heating: Mains connected. Under floor heating (hydronic in-slab)

Wastewater: On-site black & grey water treatment

Freshwater: Filtered rainwater

COSTS (2022)

Original budget: $700,000

Fit out: Interior painting and cabinetry in partnership with client

Excavation and slab preparation

Slab preparation

Slab pouring

Midfloor is craned into place

Building starting to take shape

SIP construction

Loft during construction

Final stages

Cedar and metal cladding

Large gable end opening out to the garden

Ambient LED strip lighting and underfloor heating warm the space up on a

gloomy winters day


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