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V60 - Minor Dwelling - Whangaparāoa

Minor dwelling in a suburban back yard 2021

When an elderly family member needing a home, this 360m² rear garden presented an ideal opportunity to create inter-generational living on site. Close enough to the family home, this compact 2 bedroom home was ideally suited to being placed nearby.

With separate services connections, and an allowance for future metering and rain-water tanks, this V60 - one of our Standard Design buildings was the perfect solution.

Minor dwelling (MHU)

Most New Zealand councils permit the building of a minor dwelling (a self contained minor household unit) on a single house site. These MHU's are perfect for expanding families or downsizing, and to create extra property income.

The V60 is one of our standard designs - find out more


Building footprint: 60m² + 37m² decking & porch

Size: 60m². 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom full kitchen + laundry

Foundation/floor: Screw piles, timber bearers and Speedfloor cassettes

Cladding: Corrugated metal cladding and roofs, board & batten

Windows: Double glazed aluminum thermally broken

Heating & power: Passive solar & mains connected

Water & wastewater: Mains connected

Above: Excavation of the back of the site

Above: the floor system is lifted and placed into place

Above: Assembling SIP walls

Above: The roof was completed in a few hours by craning in the roof SIP panels

Above: The SIPs shell is complete

Above: Cladding and windows

Above: Cladding and finishes are the clients choice, making the V60 highly personalised

Above: The double doors open up the living room and the space to the outside

Above: There are many ways to make use of the SIP panel texture, it can be exposed and sanded and sealed, or covered with wall linings

Above: Kitchen

Above: Bathroom


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