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Family home - Pt Chevalier

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Compact designer chic 2018

Our initial brief was to create a new street-facing home that looked out over the rear garden - which although private - faced south.

The imminent Unitary Plan opportunities for future density allowed us to add value to the site, by recommending initial development towards the rear, leaving space for future development, while allowing the new home to face north towards the garden.

This engendered a completely different style of architecture - with a striking form that belies the building’s compact footprint.


Building footprint: 105m²

Size: 170m² 3-bedroom, 3 bathroom, open plan Foundation/floor: Insulated waffle slab with warm edge Cladding: Cedar weatherboards and Nuwall cladding, metal &

membrane roofs

Windows: Double glazed aluminium Heating: Passive solar Lighting: Low voltage LED and 240V

Wastewater: Council connected

Freshwater: Council connected & storm water detention tank

Upcycling: Rimu from the old house - vanities, countertops & stairs

COSTS (2019)

Original budget: $750,000


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